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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Healthcare & Medical

With more than two decades of experience providing healthcare IT services we understand your unique technological needs, more and more digital information storage, the healthcare industries need for more elaborate IT services focusing on information protection.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is a major foundation that mandates private health information be well secured. 

Private health information can be some of the most vulnerable pieces of information out there. Trying to manage the security of such things without IT professionals is a disaster waiting to happen.

A secure Electronic Health Records system, or EHR, is the biggest setup for guaranteeing the success of information protection.

These systems have a large database that a large number of healthcare professionals will use all around the clock. That need for stability and security would be near impossible without professional IT services.

Banking & Financial Services

Highly regulated industries such as financial services must adhere to strict regulatory standards. The list of regulatory compliance laws is long, from FINRA, FISMA, SOX, PCI DSS and more. It's so complex that many companies often focus on meeting the minimum requirements instead of actually implementing proper security policies beyond what is required. Let us help you be compliant AND secure!

Legal & Law Firms

Maintain client confidentiality and counteract data vulnerabilities with our expert legal IT services. We will implement the latest security measures to benefit your practice.

An influx of new technology, a distributed workforce with mobile devices and increasing cybersecurity concerns have changed the game. 

Cybersecurity and data protection are the top concerns for law firms. The soaring prevalence of attacks requires not only putting strategic cybersecurity plans in place, but complying with state, ABA and local bar association regulations.

Compounding the security challenge is the growth of agile working. The benefits of the cloud combined with mobile devices offer tremendous benefits, but can also increase your security risk if not implemented and managed properly.


There is also a dizzying array of new technology for law firms. Well thought out, strategic technology plans need to be put in place to ensure your firm is operating at the highest possible level, but with the utmost security.

Private Equity

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies face unique business challenges, including reaching ambitious growth goals and increasing investment multipliers … not to mention managing acquisitions while maintaining a well-optimized, lean business.

On top of this, unaddressed technology issues add significant risk, which can grow exponentially as companies expand.

However, with the correct people, technology stack, governance, processes, and a partner that understands your challenges, your IT can be transformed from a high-risk cost center to the crown jewel of your organization.

Managed IT Services and You

What if these industries do not cover your business? Their examples can show more than their specific plights.

Any business with major financial transactions will be getting more and more e-commerce. This prompts intense security measures for sensitive data.


For any large projects that work with contractors, third-party vendors, and multiple customers, a strong and stable communication base remains mandatory. If this breaks without IT support close at hand, that could end in lost business.


IT covers a large majority of business services these days due to digital integration. There is no sign of this slowing down, so the need for IT services will only increase.

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